Incorporating Your Theme Into Your Wedding Photos

When planning your wedding day you have undoubtedly started thinking about your wedding theme. Every couple has their own unique identity, and your wedding is the perfect place to express that identity in a creative way. It could be travel, comic books, rustic styling or even just your favourite colour, but it is something important and unique to you. After having worked so hard to flawlessly incorporate your theme into your day, you want to be able to remember it for the rest of your life. But as well as all those little details, why not incorporate your theme into your wedding photos? Here are a few suggestions to help you bring your theme into your wedding photos:

Stylised Photos

Photos come in all shapes and sizes, and the techniques and styles have changed over the years. So if you are going for a vintage theme (for examples the roaring twenties is quite popular at the moment) then ask your photographer if they are able to emulate some of those elements into your wedding photos. This might be the angles they shoot from or the creative editing applied later, but they can really add that extra special personal touch to your day, and make your images stand out from everyone else’s wedding album.

Selective Colouring

If your wedding theme is based around your colours, then selective colouring is a great way to tie it in to your wedding photos. Selective colouring is basically when the photographer takes a full colour photograph, and then removes all but your theme colours in post production. So, for example, if you have some stunning blue flowers, that would be the one vibrant colour that stands out in the image, and can either be the focus of the image or just a dash of colour in a larger one.

Light Painting

Light painting is a delicate technique that has become more popular in glamorous themed weddings in recent years. Ever wondered how couples get those beautiful shots that look like they are standing in a rain of sparkles? Ask your photographer to do a long exposure shot with someone running around with a light source (a sparkler, a torch, anything that emits light) to spell something or just make pretty patterns, and the result will be glitzy and delightfully glamorous.

Strike A PThemed wedding 2ose!

Having a superhero or geeky themed wedding? Have your bridal party posing like their favourite superhero. Going for the vintage feel? Strike a sassy, classy pout. Going all out Disney? Recreate some classic Disney poses. Or if you’re going rustic, take some photos rolling around in the hay or kissing in a beautiful rustic setting of your choosing. The way you pose in your wedding photos can transform them from ordinary to gorgeous themed images. Get all your guests involved and watch as the poses get better as your reception progresses!

Your wedding day is one you want to remember for the rest of your life, and while on the day the little details might blur together, when you’re looking back these are the things you want to rediscover every time. Ensuring you capture the feeling of your special day is crucial, and if your photos can reflect the look and feel of your day that will make them all the more special.

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