Wedding Day Tips – What you should know before your Wedding

Wedding Day Tips

There are always things that people won’t tell you happened on your wedding day.   Things will go wrong, things will run behind and there are always things you look back on and think ‘why didn’t anybody tell me that?’  Well, here are 6 wedding day tips from us to help your planning, and your day, go a little smoother.

You Might Not Be Able To Get The Ring On Your Spouses Finger!

Wedding Day Tips 1: During the ceremony, you might suddenly find that wedding ring that fitted perfectly last week might be a bit tight. Nerves, sweating and heat can all contribute to swollen fingers – and it’s nothing to be alarmed about. They will shrink back and the ring will fit again – it just might take some shoving and squeezing after you say your vows.

wedding day tips - from wedding photographers hampshire moore&moore photographyGet A Professional To Do Your Hair & Make-up

Wedding Day Tips 2: While it might be one of the more expensive elements of the day – getting a professional to do your hair and makeup is 100% worth it. Unless you are a professional yourself, doing it will be stressful and ultimately not as good as the professionals. You might not know how to blend eye shadow properly or how to achieve that perfect curl, so don’t stress yourself out trying. Besides, how many times are you going to be able to have airbrush makeup done? Splurge a little and spoil yourself.

Wedding Dresses Are Hot

Wedding Day Tips 3: You might not notice this when you are trying your dress on in the shop (they crank up the air con in those places) but wedding dresses can get very hot. Their flattering shape is usually attributed to layers of chiffon, satin, lace and other materials, and this all adds up to 1 thing – a hot and heavy dress. To combat this you need to make sure you have deodorant in your emergency kit, stay well hydrated throughout the day and, if you’re getting married in the summer, a battery operated hand fan for those hot flashes. You could also put some baby powder on your thighs before you don the dress – to stop any chafing on your big day!

Baby Wipes Are Your Best Friend

Wedding Day Tips 4: Baby wipes are a miracle when it comes to your wedding day. Not only are they great for taming any runaway make-up when the tears start, but they are perfect for rescuing your dress too.  If you are doing a ‘first look’ or even going outside before you walk down the aisle, your dress will pick up dirt and dust. So just before you do that all important walk, make sure one of your bridesmaids goes over the hem of your dress with a baby wipe and cleans off all of the dirt. They are also useful to have around if you are a notoriously messy eater or are having finger food for your wedding breakfast.

Build In Time Buffers For Everything

Wedding Day Tips 5: You can plan as much as you like, but at some point, someone will be late or something will overrun, and suddenly you will find yourself running behind schedule. My tip for this situation is this – relax! Things will always run behind schedule at some point, and there is nothing you can do about it – so you might as well make the best of it. But to be safe, planning in extra time for everything will minimise the stress. So if you think it’ll take you 3 hours to get ready, plan for 4-5, just in case.

And Have A Buffer On The Day

Wedding Day Tips 6: This is not the same as the time buffers you will have already built in. This is someone you appoint to intercept information and relay it to the people it relates to. This way you won’t have to be dealing with every little thing that could go wrong and a hundred questions while you are trying to relax and get ready. One of those buffers needs to be on phone duty – it’s their responsibility to intercept phone calls and messages and deal with them before telling you (if at all). Having one or two people who are your ‘buffers’ will make your wedding day go much smoother, and be less stressful for you.

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