Wedding Hairstyle – Perfect For Your Face Shape

Wedding Hairstyle

When it comes to planning your wedding look, there are a number of things to consider. What will your dress look like? What style of makeup do you want? What wedding hairstyle would work best for you? The hairstyle you choose for your big day should frame your face, flatter your figure and work with the style of dress you have chosen, and that can sometimes be a difficult thing to figure out. There’s a lot of pressure on brides now to fit in with current hair trends – right now it’s the ‘updo’. But if you’ve never worn your hair up a day in your life, why start now? It’s all about making you feel beautiful on your big day, so finding a style that suits your face and that you love is vital. To help you, we came up with a few tips and tricks to help you figure out what hairstyle would suit your face shape.

First, you need to identify your face shape. This is a relatively easy thing to do and will make a huge difference to the way you style your make up and hair in the future. We used this fantastic chart by The Beauty Department. Once you know what your face shape is, try out a few styles from the suggested categories or design your own based on your main facial features, and see what you like.

Wedding Hairstyle for Oval shaped faces

An oval face is wider than it is long, where your forehead and jaw are roughly the same width, and you have a rounded chin. Retro curls, a side swept style or big loose curls are best for this style to help bring some width to your face. Wearing some dangly earrings and a volumous hairstyle can do wonders for an oval face.

Wedding Hairstyle for Diamond shaped faces

If you have a diamond shaped face it looks quite long and narrow and your cheekbones are the widest aspect of it. Often featuring a pointy chin, this face shape often works with more slicked back hairstyles avoiding hair touching your face. A diamond face can start to look very narrow with lots of hair surrounding it, so try pushing it all back – either by pulling it up or leaving it loose and curly and pinning back the fringe to avoid looking gaunt. ponytails and updo’s are great for diamond shaped faces, as well as deep side partings and light off centre bangs.   Square A square face is solid in shape with wide cheekbones, a broad forehead and a strong and angular jaw line. if you’re going for an updo style, try and go for something that is loose, curly and soft with loose sections around your face. Long hairstyles are often the most flattering, and best when worn straight. If you can, an A line haircut (long length bangs reaching to your chin) and wear a low hanging hairstyle to play down the sharp corners and accent the right areas.   Round A round face is generally quite even and as long as it is wide, giving it a circular appearance and a round chin. To make the most of this shape, add height and volume to your hairstyle to trick the eye into elongating the face. High ponytails or a loose hairstyle with lots of layers and bangs are perfect for you. Why not try a half up half down style with some volume on the crown?

Wedding Hairstyle for Heart shaped faces

A heart shaped face is very narrow at the jaw line but much fuller towards the top of the face, with a wide forehead and cheekbones. To flatter this face shape you should avoid pulling your hair back into a slick style, or putting a lot of height into the crown of your head, as this will draw attention to a diminishing jaw and pointed chin. Loose up do’s with a fringe, loose, wavy curls and beautiful fishtail braids are the best way to go to accentuate your natural beauty and make you look glamorous.

Wedding Hairstyle for Oblong shaped faceswedding hairstyle by wedding photographer Helen Moore, wedding photographers hampshire

If you have an oblong face you will notice a long narrow shape with a straight jaw line and a pointy chin. Classic, tight curls, super straight or deep side parted styles can all make an oblong face seem more oval. A long layered bang at the front of your face (even if you have short hair) can help soften your face and a little volume goes a long way!

Wedding Hairstyle for Triangular/Pear shaped faces

A triangular face is quite bottom heavy with a narrow forehead and cheekbones, a wide jaw line and a square chin. half up half down styles are perfect for this face shape, ideally curled or slightly waved to give motion and widen the look of your jaw line. You should try and cut in layers if you can, and opt for a centre parting.

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