10 Ways To Look Stunning In Your Wedding Photos

Everyone wants to look stunning in their wedding photos. It may be the one time in your entire life, that you get to dress up like a princess and be the centre of attention – and it’s one where you will want to look your best. So we want to share with you our tips and tricks for looking amazing in your wedding photos for just a small amount of effort.

Book a make-up artist

A lot of modern brides are taking the DIY approach to their make-up to save some money in this ever demanding economy. And while it’s true that it is cheaper to do it yourself, it may not be the best option. A professional make-up artist will not only know what looks good on your face, but what looks good in photographs. They will also use high quality make-up and prime your face, so it will last longer – keeping you looking gorgeous all day and into the evening.

Have your lippy close by

Fading lip colour is an unfortunate inevitability on your wedding day.  To keep your lips looking luscious right up to your final photos, slip a tube of lip gloss or your favourite lipstick into your bouquet, so it’s handy for touch ups.

Have a pre-wedding photo shoot 

If you feel at all uncomfortable in front of a camera, then book a pre-wedding photo shoot with your photographer. It will help you get to know your photographer and relax in their company. Being comfortable in front of the camera is one of the best secrets of perfect wedding photography, and you’d be amazed just how much difference letting your hair down in front of the lens can do.

Trust Your Photographer

Everyone’s face and body shapes are different.  Your photographer will pose you for the most flattering angles so the photos show you at your very best.  So if you want to look your very very best on your wedding day – trust your photographer!

Empty your pockets

Boys – empty out your pockets! Unsightly bulges and bumps never make for a good picture, and can sometimes make the prettiest picture a tad uncomfortable. Besides – holding your stuff is what your best man is for anyway.

Practice posture

Posture is one of the most important elements in a picture. You can be dressed to the nines with fantastic hair and make-up, but if your posture is bad, the result will be awkward. Practice standing up straight, with your shoulders set just slightly back and your chin tipped up a little bit. This is great for your general posture, but also makes you look slimmer and elegant. Before the big day, practice standing like this while you are waiting for the bus or chatting with friends. Soon it will feel natural and you won’t even think about it while the shutter is clicking.

Find a window

During your getting ready time, make sure you are in a bright and uncluttered room with lots of natural light from windows. This is a really soft and natural light that is very flattering to skin, and will make you look perfect before the make-up goes on.

Stop posing

Our natural urge when faced with a camera is to smile and pose – but the best photos are often taken when you aren’t. Natural photos are often the best and those that are full of laughter and tears are the ones you will look back on in 20 years and smile fondly at.

Use the golden hour

You hear this a lot from photographers, but sunset is the perfect time to take some romantic and natural pictures. Slip away from the action for just 10 minutes and have your photographer take advantage of the beautiful light.

Speak to the DJ

Before your first dance, either speak to your DJ yourself or get one of your bridal party to do it, and ask them to turn off all the spotlights and strobes. You don’t want coloured splotches all over your face and dress in your pictures!

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