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Wedding Albums

Telling the story of your wedding day

Hand-finished wedding albums

Revealing all about the dress, the walk down the aisle and the flowers, the tentative steps of your first dance and the decadent décor of the reception suite – your wedding album is a family heirloom-in-waiting. Think of it as the way to tell your story to future generations.

With this in mind, Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Moore & Moore are pleased to provide a selection of presentation options; think hand-finished albums, sumptous story-books, bespoke frames and fine art prints. All are crafted in the highest quality, each presented in a luxury, timeless design that artfully reflects the significance of the occasion.

Stunning Wedding Albums; The epitome of luxury & quality.

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Walnut and maple box, with crystal flash drive

Our beautifully handmade premium wood flash drive box is crafted in a stunning combination of walnut and maple. Holding a single Crystal flash drive, this distinguished product houses all the digital wedding photos (as well as the photo-film) from your day.

Beautifully made; a premium quality product

The photos from your wedding day are delivered in this beautiful keepsake box.   Our Premium Wood Flash Drive Box, customised for Moore & Moore Photography combines touches of tradition with modern aesthetics.

Delivered in thick walnut and maple, these boxes are as beautiful as they are sturdy.  Once the fully-removable lid is taken off and set to the side, a bed of wood wool inside the base of the box provides your Crystal Drive a comfortable and safe place to live when not in use. Each box boasts high quality craftsmanship, a perfect finish, and will surely be a showpiece for your family for years to come.

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