Summer Portrait Photography

At the heart of the family photoshoot is having fun

Family portrait photography doesn’t have to be in a studio.  A family photoshoot outside in the sunshine offers a totally different to create heart warming family photos.  With a beautiful day what better than to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and create some treasurable family photos.  We are fortunate to be based very close to some wonderful woodlands and nature reserves in Fleet, Hampshire, providing us with beautiful backdrops for every season.

This year, the summer of 2018 has been a scorcher, and so for this family photoshoot we set off early to meet up with Sophia and her parents at our chosen location.  This was the at the height of summer and the dandelion heads are in full bloom so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few of the feathery heads and blow the seeds into the wind – along with a wish of course!  Something so very charming about doing this.

Even though this family portrait session was in the morning, the sun shone down upon the sun-drenched grasses turning them golden in the light.  It was like being in the prairie lands with the golden hues, and the long grasses gently swaying.  Sophia loved running through them!

As we continued on our way, we discovered caterpillars climbing various flowered plants and like every little girl, Sophia watched as they wriggled their way up the stems of the plants.

We finished the photoshoot with family portraits among the grasses and then headed in to the cool of the woods which was a welcome relief, and also offered the opportunity for some games of hide and seek among the trees.

At the heart of the family photoshoot is having fun.  Fun equals happy pictures and that is what we want for our clients.

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