Bea’s Prom Photo Shoot

Location : Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Urban.  Street.  Stylish Prom Photography

For Bea’s Prom Year photo shoot we used the village of Wallingford, Oxfordshire as our backdrop.

I remember Bea being very excited on the morning of the shoot as we arrived at the house.  Dressed back in her blue prom dress, accessorised with heels and handbag we set out into rural Wallingford for our shoot.

Using the urban environment really suited Bea’s personality.  For the first half of the shoot we used quaint white-washed streets, quirky garage walls and a fabulous old building as our backgrounds, amongst others.

The second half of her shoot she changed.  As someone going to study Fashion, she wore a skirt she made herself.  For this part of the shoot we found some more gritty, very ‘street’ type backgrounds as you can see with the graffiti in the background on a couple of the photos.  We were also lucky to be able to get onto disused train carriages (with safe permission to do so) making these images very individual to Bea.

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