Pre Wedding Photography – 4 Reasons It’s For You

Pre Wedding Photography?

There is quite a big divide out there between those who think pre wedding photography is a wonderful and romantic idea, and those who think it’s just a cheesy gimmick or an extra that’s just not needed. But what a lot of people forget is that pre wedding photography serves more than one purpose, and not every couple does a pre wedding shoots just to post them all over Facebook.   So instead, here are 4 reasons why you should consider a pre wedding photo shoot, just for you.

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  1. Getting To Know Your Photographer

We all know there is seldom anything more awkward and uncomfortable than a complete stranger taking photos of you – even if they have your permission. There is something about the unknown element here that means we are quite stiff and formal, unwilling to let our guard down to this strange man or woman with a camera. While this is awkward normally, this is the last thing you want on your wedding day! A pre wedding shoot is a chance for you to meet and greet your photographer, ask lots of questions and find out firsthand how they work. After all, how someone acts in a meeting can be completely different to how they act when working. It helps you feel a bit more comfortable in front of the camera and get to know your photographer as a person. It’s a small time commitment that can make all the difference to your wedding photos.

  1. Your Photographer Gets To Know You Too

As with any relationship, wedding photography is a two way street. Its not just about you getting to know your photographer, it’s also about your photographer getting to know you. During this session they will start to understand your style, how you interact as a couple and what you really want from the day. They might try out poses you don’t like, or you might have ideas in mind that you can find out don’t actually work in reality (before the day!). The photographer can learn about you and gauge if they can work with your personalities to bring out the best in your day. It also helps you and them to understand what is expected and what should happen on the big day.

  1. Get Photos To Use For Other Things

Wedding invites tend to be quite similar. No matter what your colour palate or the theme of your wedding – we can spot a wedding invitation a mile off. So why not do something a little different, and use one of your engagement shots in your invitations. Pinterest is just full of great ideas for invitations and save the dates using your engagement photos. These are especially useful for your guests, as they can use the photos to share who the other half of the couple is for any guests that might not have met them. You can even use them as part of the guest book by putting one in a large mounted frame and getting guests to sign it, or use them as table decorations or favours – anything really! They are fantastically versatile and a great addition to your big day.

  1. Relax And Get Great Shots

This pretty much summarizes all of the above points – and that is that you should remember the aim of the whole thing – to enjoy yourself, have fun and enjoy the process. Pre wedding photography shoots let you leave behind all the stress and organisation that goes with planning a wedding (gone are the days when we all pretended there was no stress!) and just enjoy yourself. Go to your favourite place, kick back and enjoy yourself with your fiancé. The more relaxed you are, the better your photos will be, and you will come away with some great shots of you to keep around the house next to your wedding photos.

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