Rock the Frock – What And Why?


For most brides out there – past, present or future, a wedding dress is the most expensive piece of clothing they will ever purchase, and the only one they will only wear on one day. But over the last few years a new post-wedding ritual known as ‘Rock the Frock’ or ‘Drown the Gown’ has been emerging, and has slowly taken the world by storm. The ritual involves women arranging for their photographer to capture their wedding dresses in a wholly unique way in order to create some beautiful and artistic photos. Brides are ‘rocking’ their dresses in all sorts of ways – from staging food fights with their husbands, covering their gown in paint, plunging into a pool in it or even setting it on fire – but why are they doing this?

fleet hampshire wedding photographer_19A0496 - V2

It all started as art. Sparked by a community of art photographers, the aim was originally to create a powerful image that contrasted the ethereal beauty of the wedding gown and all it symbolises with very ordinary, sometimes nightmarish scenarios that would leave the garment soiled and unbearable. From ghostly pale brides floating in lakes like corpses to those throwing wine at their significant others, friends and families – the results are always dramatic and memorable.

It’s also a part of the wedding imagery. Brides and grooms want amazing images from their wedding – and a Rock the Frock dress shoot it a great way to get those unscripted, natural moments of a couple having fun within the wedding setting.   They want these moments captured, and a creative photographer who is willing to push some boundaries can make this a fantastic opportunity for some great photos. A Rock the Frock shoot is a great opportunity to let your hair down and really have fun. You can let the creativity flow and not worry about the groups of people who are watching you on your wedding day – it’s all about you and your new husband saying hello to married life with a bang!


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