Make this Valentine’s Day special – capture your romance on camera

Make this Valentine’s Day special – capture your romance on camera

Wondering what to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day? How about a gift that will last forever?

A photoshoot to celebrate your love doesn’t have to be done in a studio. At Moore & Moore Photography, we can capture you at home or in a location that’s special to you.

Our photographs are all about creating a cherished keepsake that you will enjoy for years to come.

Loving couple photoshoots

Perhaps there’s a place that’s special to you as a couple? It could be where you got married or where you first met.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to recreate your first date with a photograph of you in that location? Or would you like to celebrate where you are now in life with the people and pets in your family? Many couples choose to have a photo that includes their children and/or pets so they can show them off.

The photo doesn’t have to be taken indoors. It could be on a favourite walk in your local park or nearby beauty spot. That way, you can create a different atmosphere as light conditions change throughout the day.

Sunrise and sunset are both great times for taking romantic photos with atmospheric lighting.

Capture your proposal forever

Valentine’s Day is always a popular day for proposals. But this year is a leap year, and 29 February is traditionally when the lady does the proposing.

If you’re planning a proposal – whether you’re male or female – why not pre-arrange a photoshoot of the event. Or if this might prove a little tricky, a photoshoot afterwards to celebrate the proposal.


Different photo styles

You may opt for a traditional photoshoot with a portrait style picture. This could be a head and shoulders close-up of you both or a full-length photo of you together.

Or you could opt for an illustrative style that takes in composition, lighting and background. Using a wide-angle lens, the photographer captures not only the couple but the whole landscape to tell a story.

Outdoor photoshoots are ideal for an illustrative style with natural and spontaneous photos that show the relaxed and informal side of your relationship.


Experiment with photo finishes

Rather than straightforward colour pictures, you could choose something more creative.

There’s a classic, timeless quality to black and white photographs. They give the feel of a different era with the attention very much on the subjects rather than the background.

Vintage-look photographs can also be achieved by using colour distortion filters. To give your pictures a nostalgic feel, we can turn a contemporary image into a retro photo.

Alternatively, you may want something contemporary and highly stylised. Fine art photography plays with framing, lighting and composition as well as post-production techniques. You could be captured in a dramatic, lively or outrageous pose or have an intense focus on one particular area.

We can enhance the photographs afterwards to capture the look you want.


Gift vouchers for your loved one

You may not have time to organise a shoot in time for Valentine’s Day, but the gift of a photoshoot makes a wonderful surprise.

At Moore and Moore, we offer a range of gift packages that encompass so much more than just the photoshoot. We include a pre-shoot consultation, professional editing and the reveal of your photos on the big screen.

All our gift certificates are personalised and presented in a silk threaded Moore & Moore photography folder to make them extra special.

Photography Gift vouchers

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