Legacy Prints and Ancestors Walls


If you look around your home the chances are you have one or two, or possibly a whole lot more of your favourite photographs framed.  But have you ever stopped to wonder why you chose the ones you did, or why you frame them anyway?

Picture Frames – a little history

The humble picture frame we all have hanging on the walls of our homes and offices started with very grand beginnings, essentially evolving from early Christian art that was adapted from the decorative edges to vases, book covers and tomb paintings. Originally used as symbols of piety, power and wealth, the secular frames started to appear around the 14th century, and arguably were still the preserve of the wealthy.

However, the concept and purpose of a picture frame has not really changed in all those many hundreds of years – to protect and enhance the image within as the subject is highly important, a memory to be treasured, celebrated and shared.

With more images being taken these days than ever before, and the vast majority of them not printed please take a moment to watch this powerful message from FujiFilm.

Turn your moments into memories.  Hold them in your hands, and pass them on.

Legacy Prints & Ancestors Walls

While the above title might sound grand and get you imagining grand old estates and mansions, we in fact today are most likely building legacy prints and ancestors walls of our own.

But first, what do we mean by Legacy Prints or Ancestors Walls?

Legacy Prints

Who you are today, is not who you are next month, next year or in ten years time.  The photographs we create and PRINT today will be the legacy we leave for our children and our children’s children.  Some of us are lucky to be able to hold family prints from the turn of the last century.  These are precious things and we should be printing them to pass on to our next generation.

Ancestors Walls

Ok so this does sound a bit grandious and huge scaled oil paintings immediately spring to mind.  But in today’s world our own family portrait galleries at home are in fact the ancestors walls of tomorrow.

This is how we have created our gallery wall

In our house, we have a small gallery wall with portrait photos of my nieces and nephews and also our two grand-daughters.  It’s a growing gallery which will be added to over time.  The portraits aren’t necessarily ones we’ve taken in the studio, but are made up of photographs that portray the children, their personalities, smiles and nuances.

More recently I invited my mum and dad into the studio for a portrait session.  As a treat I also invited a make up artist to do mum’s makeup.   The resulting photographs have been more than well received by mum and dad.  They have had a series of them framed – for their gallery wall in their home (which naturally we are helping them build!).  As a special gift from us we have had the photograph of the two of them framed in a spectacular wall art piece which will stand apart from the others.

Photographs of our parents are priceless.  Do you have one?

Having professionally taken pictures is never going to be cheap, but we both feel that it was a fab investment. We have in mind building a ‘rogues gallery’ to put-up in the kitchen – Rhon & Simon Gornall

We’ve never really had any professional photographs taken of the two of us.  It will be nice to have something special to hang in our home. ~ Helen’s mum!

Looking after your framed piece

Now that you’ve invested in professionally framed photographs, whether they are wedding photographs, family portraits or beloved landscapes, how you look after your framed piece is important.

We advise keeping them out of direct sunlight, out of areas of high humidity (eg., bathrooms / utility rooms), and keep at normal room temperature 18 – 23C.

Framed Wedding Photography & Children or Family Portraits

We welcome you to visit us at the Moore & Moore Photography Studio to view some of the photography we have had framed.  We believe in quality, yet beautiful products, and only sell items we trust to stand the test of time.

Please get in touch with Helen or Tony via email or on telephone 01252 653193 to arrange a visit.  We look forward to welcoming you.

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