Inspired Fine Art Wedding Photography

Inspired Fine Art Wedding Photography

When you’re turning the pages of your wedding album, you want it to tell the story of your special day.

For many happy couples, the event goes by too quickly. They say they’d like to relive it again in slow motion. That’s why we capture all the little details in our photographs, so you can enjoy every moment afterwards.

Recreating the essence of your day

We always photograph standout features such as your cake, flowers, and decorations. Providing these images is a key element of what we deliver as it’s essential to painting a complete picture of your wedding day.

It’s also nice to have zoom shots – perhaps the fine detail of the bride’s dress, a flower in the bouquet, a pair of rings, a profile of veil and tiara, a pair of shoes. The wedding dress waiting for the bride on a silk hanger also makes a wonderfully evocative shot.

Pictures of other special items such as place settings, invitations and vows can also intersperse your wedding album to create a chronological narrative of proceedings.

Cherishing your special items

Perhaps you have certain items that are special to you? Tell us in advance, and we can arrange to photograph them beforehand. This way, we won’t interrupt the flow of your day or miss any spontaneous moments.

Your cherished object could be a much-loved ring, a pair of cufflinks, or an old photograph. By taking a timeless, elegant image, we can beautifully illustrate how much you cherish that item. It’s these small gestures that bring a wedding album to life and highlight the personal aspects of the occasion.

Frimley Hall Wedding Photography by Moore & Moore Photography Hampshire

You photographed my bracelet with my dad’s ashes in so beautifully.  This photo is so important to me.

Capturing the beauty of the venue

As well as recording those wonderful details unique to your day, our fine art photography also captures the setting. Your wedding venue plays a huge part in proceedings, and you’ll want to remember your surroundings in the years to come.

It could be a shaft of sunlight coming through a window or a beautiful tree in the garden – a single image can bring back a flood of memories.

Photographs of a room full of presents and cards, a decorated hall before the guests arrive or a beautifully adorned wedding table before the meal – these pictures tell the story of your behind-the-scenes moments. Viewing these intimate scenes will bring back memories of the preparation and planning that went into your big day.

Planning all those special wedding details

Of course, it’s the people that share the occasion with you that make your wedding day memorable. And our photographs reflect this.

But we also capture all those other little details to ensure your collection of images is even more personal to you. We want to make your wedding album more than just a series of photographs. We want to create a beautiful and lasting reminder of the whole story of your wedding day.

Photographs are about making memories, and fine art pictures add an extra layer of detail. In the coming years, they’ll vividly bring to life every element of the occasion.

To find out more about our personalised, boutique wedding photography service, contact Helen or Tony on 01252 653193.

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