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When it comes to wedding cakes the limit to choice and design is your own imagination.

In this article we’ve invited three cutting-edge Wedding Cake makers to join us, showcasing some of their amazing creations,

together with giving you their tips for how to decide what you’ll be having on your memorable day.

Please welcome Amazing Grace Cakes UK, Jeni’s Cakes & Flowers and The Bouquet Bakery.

Amazing Grace Cakes UK

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes loves talking about cake and has these great tips for couples.

Create a mood board

You’ll need to have a few pictures or a wish list of a few wedding cake styles you have in mind.  Google, different wedding planning websites like Hitched and Bridebook, wedding magazines, news articles, your own pencil drawing or artwork will get you started.

Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes

Number of servings required.

Have an idea of the number of people you think will attend in total and this will give you the number of wedding servings you will need. This is important information for your cake maker as this is an indicator of the size of cake they will need to account for when giving you a price.

Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes
Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes

When choosing the style of wedding cake have a think about your venue and where the cake can be displayed. Would you like to have a personalised cake topper made? If so, could your wedding cake maker do this or direct you to someone who can?

Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes

Find your cake-maker

A top tip would be to find a supplier who is close to your venue. A google search of local cake makers is also a start. Have a look at the galleries of their work, how long they have been making cakes for and the styles they provide. Also have a look at the reviews and see what kind of cake flavours and other services they offer.

Pastel colour palettes are always popular but are expected to be particularly on trend for 2021

Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes
Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes


Make contact either by a phone call or an email and request a quotation and details of the service provided. Many cake makers prices will vary depending on the style of cake you have in mind. Is complimentary cake tasting an option? How much of a deposit will they need?

Photo credit : Amazing Grace Cakes

Cake Design Service

Does your wedding cake maker offer a design service so you can see how your cake will look?  Amazing Grace Cakes offer this to all their clients so that you have a tangible expectation for what you will receive on the day.

Let your cake maker know as soon as possible if you need to cater for a special dietary requirement, for example, gluten free or nut free

Be prepared to pay a booking fee to save your wedding date in their diary – discuss with your cake maker the payment terms they have in place.

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Smaller micro weddings and large ‘Go big or go home’ weddings are expected following the coronavirus.
~ Debbie, Amazing Grace Cakes

Jeni's Cakes & Flowers

Jeni from Jeni’s Cakes & Flowers showcases three of her favourite wedding cakes

Chocolate and Fresh Flowers

Wedding Cake
Photo Credit: Jeni's Cakes & Flowers

Naked cakes and cupcakes, perfect for a rustic barn wedding.  Fresh fruit always makes a simple cake look really delicious.

Chocolate and Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake
Photo Credit: Jeni's Cakes & Flowers

Chocolate and fresh flower is always a great idea, delicious and eye catching.

Steam Punk Industrial Wedding Cake
Photo Credit: Jeni's Cakes & Flowers

Make it personal

Steam punk, industrial cake.  Always great to go for something quirky and individual that your guests will know is personal to you.

Jeni's Top Tips

Pick unique and different flavours, that way people will love trying something different and remember your cake.

Colour Scheme


Go with colours to compliment your other decorations, it doesn’t all have to match exactly, shades of different colours can look amazing together.


Have fun!

Have fun with your cake, it’s a great part of the wedding to really emphasise yourselves and inject some character into the day.


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The Bouquet Bakery

Roz from The Bouquet Bakery provides a wealth of helpful tips and advice for choosing your wedding cake.

Choose a wedding cake to compliment your theme

Think about your wedding venue, your wedding colours and then, whoever is creating your cake should be able to give you inspiration on how to match your cake to the rest of your wedding theme.

Your cake should represent your personality, suit your theme and wedding venue and compliment your colour scheme.

At the Bouquet Bakery we can design wedding cupcakes to replicate your bridal bouquet, not just in colour but also the exact flowers, only these ones are made from delicious buttercream!

Wedding Cupcakes
Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery

Choose flavours that you love!

I truly believe that a successful wedding, which everyone remembers, is one that the captures the personalities of the couple. The best way to do this is to choose what you like, including the flavours of your wedding cake.  Many couples opt for traditional flavours such as chocolate and lemon.  Since Harry and Meghan’s lemon and elderflower Royal Wedding cake, many couples are starting to consider modern twists on traditional flavours, that reflect their personality. 

At the Bouquet Bakery we offer traditional choices as well as combining them with new flavours, such as pistachio cupcakes filled with a rich chocolate fudge ganache or a light vanilla sponge filled with a zesty home-made passionfruit curd.  The surprise hidden centre is always a crowd pleaser.

burgundy-white-green-cupcake-bouquet cake
Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery
Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery

Save money and still create an impact

I have seen so many people spend a lot of money on a wedding cake that doesn’t get eaten or guests only get a bite sized portion. Many couples are saving money by opting to have their wedding cake as their dessert, therefore saving on catering costs.  Cupcakes are a great way to not only create a beautiful wedding cake display but they can be easily served as individual portions for dessert, which always looks more impressive on each guest’s plate. Alternatively, they could be given as wedding favours at the end of the night.

At the Bouquet Bakery you can also add some theatrics by having your wedding cupcakes presented to each table as a beautiful cupcake bouquet, surprising your guests when they discover they are actually cupcakes and not flowers.

Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery

Fondant or Buttercream?

Fondant cakes are covered in a sugar, water and glycerine paste that is rolled over the cake and sets firm. They can look great and allow for lots of beautiful decorative details, however they are significantly more expensive.  Fondant icing is very sweet and generally has a heavy texture when eaten.   You often see guests choosing not to eat the fondant you have paid so much money for.

The most common buttercream used in the UK is English buttercream, which is made from whipped butter and icing sugar or Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which is made from heated whisked egg whites combined with butter and icing sugar.  This latter buttercream is silky smooth, slightly glossy and less sweet than the English Buttercream. Buttercream can come in different flavours and is generally preferred to fondant, when it comes to taste.  Buttercream wedding cakes tend to be simpler in design than fondant cakes, but can still create an impact, i.e naked or semi naked cakes which have been very popular.

At the Bouquet Bakery we combine the decorative detail of fondant cakes with the delicious taste of buttercream, by piping detailed flowers and succulents to match your floral displays and wedding bouquet.

Predictions for 2021/22 wedding cake trends

Succulent plants, shimmering rose golds and geometric designs have been big trends in the last couple of years. For 2021/22 I think we will see more floral and botanical themed wedding cakes.  This could be simple elegant cakes paired with beautiful flowers and foliage or cakes with hand painted flowers or edible pressed flowers.

Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery

Woodland greens are striking when paired with the simple elegance of white.

Woodland greens are striking when paired with the simple elegance of white.  Sage greens and blush pinks, sparkly blues and mushroom hues. These natural colours can then be paired with a more vibrant, bolder colour that compliment the season your wedding is in.

Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery
autumnal-wedding cake
Photo Credit: The Bouquet Bakery

Save money and still create an impact

Metallics are still big and make a great accent.  To compliment the more natural colours, opt for metallic copper or bronze.  The shimmery metallics can be big and bold or be highlights to accentuate the cake design.

At the Bouquet Bakery we can hand pipe buttercream flowers to look exactly like real flowers or make them more glam and whimsical, by adding edible metallic paints to the edges of the petals, and using sparkly jewelled sprinkles in the centre of the flowers.

We can also add edible jelly crystals to the top of the cupcakes, in your choice of flavour and colours with edible metallic accents. These edible crystals have a slightly sugary crunch on the outside but are a soft jelly on the inside.  They also make amazing wedding favours.

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For 2021/22 I think we will see more floral and botanical themed wedding cakes.
~ Roz, The Bouquet Bakery

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