Grooms it’s your wedding day too

Grooms, It’s your Wedding Day too

While a groom is getting ready for his big day it’s an important time to share with the groomsmen, chatting about times past, and what will and what won’t go into the Best Man’s speech!!  No doubt there will also be thoughts of the day ahead and the future as a married man.

The “Groom Prep” time is also an important part of the day, and one of our favourite moments to photograph.   Let’s have a look at some of our tips and thoughts about how to make the grooms preparations into great photographic memories.

Cool and trendy wedding day group pictures

Things to think about before the Wedding Day

Who is going to be with you;   It would be perfect if as well as your best man and groomsmen, your parents and any other special people you would like to be photographed were also in the room with you.

You and your groomsmen should be dressed in your wedding day attire, because, as a general rule, there is never enough time on the wedding day and this will maximise the photograph opportunities.

You may be getting ready at a home or a hotel room.   We typically will start by photographing all the details while you and your men get ready.   We also ask if you can ‘try’ to keep the room/area tidy for the best possible photos.  We want the photos look as presentable as possible!

This allows for the best images of you and your wedding party.


Time permitting we can get outside or use the hotel interiors for some classic and creative photo opportunities.  Think Reservoir Dogs or a Men in Black look.

Groomsmen portrait Reservoir Dogs style. Wedding Photos by Moore & Moore Photography, Hampshire

Practice your poses.

Yes you heard right.  Men can practice too.  Get yourself a copy of the latest GQ Magazine or Menswear Style Digital Magazine and  check out the magazine photos.  Having an engagement/pre-wedding shoot will also help with any nerves ahead of time, this is something we cover before the wedding day.


Practice button holes

Often no one knows how wedding button-holes are placed or attached securely to the lapel of your suit jacket.

Here’s a quick how-to list to help you through.

  • Hold the buttonhole firmly onto your left side lapel, about an inch down from the lapel seam with the ‘stem’ facing downwards.
  • Using the pin provided, go from behind the lapel and pin through the fabric, on through the stem of the buttonhole and back through the lapel in a downward position.
  • This should hold the buttonhole securely, but depending on the size of  the buttonhole, eg., if it’s larger or heavier, use the second pin to make the buttonhole more secure.
  • That’s it! Pretty easy when you know how.

Practice your Bow tie

You don’t want to be fumbling with how to tie a bow tie on the big day, so get your practice in.  There are many helpful ‘how-tos’ on YouTube such as the one below.

Doing up your bow tie on the morning of your wedding is going to make a cracker photograph so let’s make this happen!

The Grooms details

Have all of the small meaningful details ready for photography such as suits, bow ties, button holes, shoes, socks, watches, gifts, speeches, love notes, and cufflinks.

Heirlooms & Special Items

Will you be wearing a pocket watch, or perhaps cufflinks that have been handed down through the generations. Let us know if you are.

Have the wedding rings ready for their photograph!  That means having your best man in the room or at least coordinating that the rings are with you.

Looking Neat & Tidy / looking sharp

Groomsmen (and Groom) need to remember to empty their pockets for the photos – we don’t want to see keys, wallets and mobile phones as you will really notice them in the final shots.

If you’re hiring suits make sure you’ve got the right suit set.   We’ve been to a number of wedding where one person’s shirt is too big and another is bursting out because there’s been a mix up.  Nothing worse than looking like you’ve eaten too much the night before! So check (twice!) that you’ve got yours!

Polish your shoes.  Too easy these days to miss this off, but it’s a finishing touch to your outfit.  Do it the night before and keep the polish well away from your white shirt.

The best looking Grooms do….

Its most definitely best not to have your stag night the night before your wedding, have them earlier and give yourself time to recover to your best.

Shave early in the morning with a new blade and use a good aftershave. Even if you don’t normally use aftershave it will remove any redness from “razor burn”. Shaving early will allow your skin to look its best later.

Book your Wedding Photography

Your Wedding Photography is an ever-lasting memento from your Wedding Day.   The dress, the cake, the venue are all important elements, but at the end of the day, the cake is eaten, the flowers fade and die, and the guests go home.

The photographs are the memories you hold in your hand forever.

If you are interested to book your Wedding Photography with Moore & Moore Photography, please get in touch with Helen or Tony on 01252 653193 or visit our website for further information.

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