Who Are Your Wedding Photos Really For?

Who are your wedding photographs really for?

It’s quite common now for couples who are getting married to look for ways to have their perfect day on a budget that doesn’t break the bank. And for some couples, they begin to question whether or not they need a photographer at all.

This is new edition of a blog originally written for me back in 2015.  At the time I admit I wasn’t really too sure of the answer either.  However, in the middle of a conversation with some friends recently, just generally chatting about generations and history, my friend mentioned that he had old family photographs but they were fading and he didn’t know what to do.  I gave him some advice on how to handle them, but it got me to re-thinking the question “Who are your wedding photographs really for?”

Certainly I will shout from the highest hilltop the importance of having your photographs printed and not thinking that a set of digital images will survive 20 years from now.  (Technology is ever changing at a pace most can hardly keep up with).  The best advice I can give you is “If you want to keep it, print it”.

Just imagine if my great-great Aunt (pictured at the top of this post) hadn’t had a photograph taken on her wedding day.

Your wedding day photographs truly are family heirlooms. We just don’t necessarily get to appreciate quite how important they are. It is those people in our families, generations from now, who our photographs are really for.

Some things to consider:

Some couples will rely on the images their friends take of the day and others just go without photography altogether.  There is a style and an option to suit everyone, but before you rush ahead without a wedding photographer, read this first. Because, as I’ve already mentioned – the wedding pictures aren’t just for you.

Well, of course they’re for you.  You want to be able to show off your new wife or husband, to look back and remember the happiest day of your life in perfect detail, and everyone you shared the day with.

Wedding photos are equally for your family, your friends, the people who are the closest to you, and for your future family; the next generation yet to be born.

Your wedding photos whether framed or presented in a stunning heirloom album are a way to remember your wedding day, to bring tears of laughter to your eyes when you remember great stories and to bring you closer to your loved ones, no matter where in the world they live.

But they are also for those you leave behind, and those who leave you behind.  The next generation.


There are Wedding photographers catering to all budgets nowadays so before you dismiss professional wedding photography from your wedding day entirely have a chat with us, and we can help you achieve wedding photography worthy of your future family.

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