Five reasons why we believe in having two photographers on your wedding day

Five reasons why we believe in having two photographers on your wedding day

Whatever size your wedding you may consider that you don’t need two professional wedding photographers to photograph your day.

We can understand why you might be thinking that but here’s five great reasons why we think a team of two professional photographers on your day, is so much better than just one.

Benefit No. 1 : Multiple Locations

With two of us it’s easy for us to be in more than one place at the same time!

With one of us providing photography coverage of the Bride and her Bridesmaids for bridal prep (and those magical getting ready moments), and the other with the Groom and his Groomsmen, makes this part of the day seamless and without any worry of time constraints.

Bride getting read. Wedding Photos by Moore & Moore Photography, Hampshire
Groomsmen fun ring photo. Wedding Photos by Moore & Moore Photography, Hampshire

Benefit No. 2 : A 360 degree ceremony story

Our unobtrusive style of photography means whilst one of us will photograph the ceremony from the front, capturing beaming smiles, nervous and emotional moments, the second photographer can tell the story from the back creating cinematic width photographs.  When it comes to your wedding album you’ll have photographs of the same moment from multiple angles.

Wedding Ceremony Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor
Wedding Ceremony Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor

Benefit No. 3 : Creative Variety

Throughout the day we use a variety of lenses.  Some are zoom lenses for getting up close (even if we’re actually a distance away), and other ‘wide angle’ lenses can be used to photograph a full scene.  If one of us is photographing on zoom else the other will switch and use a wide angle lens.  For you this means you get variety of pictures, even if the same scene, they give a completely different feel.


Benefit No. 4 : A perfect assistant

The second professional photographer will also provide the support for more creative photographs, some times behind the scenes (when a veil needs styling!) and help with setting up lighting.

For family group photographs we use professional lighting, and the second photographer will get this set up in the interim between the ceremony and the group photographs.   This leaves the first photographer free to continue with capturing those wonderful congratulatory moments of you and your guests.

Back with the family and group photographs, and the second photographer assists with an extra set of eyes watching for small details like phones in pockets, undone jackets, or unseen faces that can make group pictures untidy.

Bride and Groom Portraits. Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor

Benefit No. 5 : Capture all the small details

You’ve spent countless hours choosing all the perfect details for your wedding day.  From the wedding venue itself, to the type and style of wedding cake, the flowers in your bouquet and those on the table.

From sweetie jars, to table plans, place settings and more.  ALL of this is part of your day and photographing these elements is as much a part of your day as the both of you are.

With two professional photographers to cover your day, we can do this for you.

How much should wedding photography cost
The Chapel at Beaumont House Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor

Our desire to provide an exceptional photography service to all our couples, and to provide each and every one with the beautiful photographs they expect from us, means we strongly believe in having two professional photographers for your special day.

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