When little ones steal the limelight at weddings

When little ones steal the limelight at weddings

You either love the little darlings, and can’t wait to have loads of them at your wedding, or you’ve decided ‘no kids’.

Little ones have had a knack for as long as weddings have existed, of ‘stealing the limelight’.  You kind of want them to, don’t you?  And just how adorably cute do they look on your wedding day?!

Stealing the limelight : for all the right reasons.

Having your nieces, nephews, friends children and your own as little flower girls or page boys is a scene-stealer.

Somehow with those gorgeous little dresses, cute as a button mini-me suits, the little-ones bring a sparkle of extra magic to a wedding day.


Stealing the limelight : having fun!

Regardless of the grandeur of a wedding day, little ones have a knack of carrying on regardless.   Here, these three boys chase each other through the autumn leaves in the bright sunshine.


Stealing the limelight : when they just don’t want to ‘play’ anymore

If I’ve learned anything as a wedding and portrait photographer it’s that little ones have an exceedingly short attention span!  Managing your expectations of what will play out on the day will go a long way to keeping your sanity.

After all the bridesmaids, and bride and her mother had reached the top of the aisle, and all was silent, the young page boy announced (quite loudly) that he wanted to go to the toilet.  Now there’s an ice-breaker.

Stealing the limelight : when you give them a responsible job!

It’s one of THE most responsible jobs of the day.  Holding the rings.  This young page boy was also best man and was given the box of rings as we arrived at the Registry Office.

This cute little dude definitely stole the limelight.


Stealing the limelight : they’ll only stay looking perfect for a little while!

As we all know, it doesn’t take long for little ones to get ‘untidy’.   Get those photos in quick.  Little ones have a tendency to get ‘ruffled’ and want to remove the additional items of clothing they’re not used to wearing as soon as the wedding ceremony is over.


Our desire to provide an exceptional photography service to all our couples, and to provide each and every one with the beautiful photographs they expect from us, means that all your wedding party, including the little ones that WILL steal the limelight will be photographed beautifully.

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