Why Do Professional Wedding Photographers colour calibrate their monitors?

Why Do Professional Wedding Photographers – colour calibrate their monitors?

Have you ever looked at the same photo on your different devices i.e. iPhone, iPad even a desktop monitor and noticed that the colours of the same image look differently on each device?

This is because typically the screens have not been colour calibrated, and that means the colours may not be shown correctly on any of your devices.

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What is colour calibrating?

Colour calibrating sets the colours on our monitors to an industry colour reference standard, so we see accurate colours on our monitors.  We also use the same calibrating equipment on both our monitors so that we know that when we are editing our images we are using the same accurate colours.

Where images are edited on an un-calibrated monitor that has colour casts or other problems, then based on the inaccuracies of the monitor, these colour errors would be unwittingly built into the image file.

Why does colour calibration matter?

At Moore & Moore Photography we work closely with our professional print lab, to make sure that the colours in the wedding or portrait photographs we send for printing are correct and accurate, meaning that our monitors show the same colour profiles as the professional labs we work with.

We also know that the professional lab we use has the highest quality equipment, chemicals and papers that produce prints with the same accurate, vibrant colors.

In the simplest terms it’s because we want to be sure that what we see on our screens is going to be the same on anything that we print – e.,g photographs, albums, framed items etc.

Accurate colours on our monitors ensure that we are confident in showing a perfect image during viewing sessions with our wedding and portrait photography clients.   And, because of this we know that the images will be perfectly reproduced by our professional lab when it comes to getting things produced.

All of this ensures that printed photographs, portrait and wedding albums have the highest colour quality and accuracy, and fully reflect the colours of your wedding day or studio portrait photography session.

From the colours of wedding dresses to bridesmaids dresses, groom and groomsman’s suits to yourwedding decorations, table settings, bouquets and beyond, are all accurately represented in your printed photographs and wedding albums.

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Getting your photographs printed

Whilst digital photographs we provide are ready for print, if you choose to have them printed yourselves, then we have no control over who you send them to for printing.

Generally an everyday online printer, or a high street print shop, will not provide the same level of colour quality control that our professional print lab provides.

This is why we recommend to all our clients that they have their portrait and wedding photos printed by us.

Finally for all the points mentioned above, the reason that professional wedding photographers, like us, colour calibrate their monitors is to provide you with the absolute best images and albums that we possibly can.

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