How to hold your wedding bouquet

How to hold your wedding bouquet

Yes, really, this blog tells you how to hold your wedding bouquet!

“I’ll hold it by the stems” you say, well yes, I totally agree – but let’s consider the whole picture, including how the way you hold your wedding bouquet looks in your wedding photos.

When you think about what else you have to do, your arms ends up rather full!   How many times in your life have you worn a wedding dress, donned shoes that are most likely not broken in properly (and have you balancing on slender heels), not to mention holding the arm of your father on one side, AND then to top this off are holding a bouquet of flowers in the other hand too?

Holy smokes, there’s a lot going on!

It’s a quite a lot to do isn’t it? And all whilst you are walking nervous and excited down the aisle, with your eyes fixed firmly on your loved one at the other end.

how-to-hold-your-wedding-bouquet photography by Hampshire Wedding Photographers Moore & Moore Photography

We’re here to help with how best to hold your wedding bouquet, and to avoid that floral beauty flailing to the side at a less than attractive angle.

If you ever wondered why in the ‘olden’ days ladies went to elocution lessons, or learned to walk with books on their heads this situation goes some way in understanding their reasoning.

Amongst the hold your head up, walk with poise and elegance, not to mention a smile, hold that bouquet, wear the long dress, oh and hang on to your dad!

It’s not really like you’ll get a chance to practice either; unless  – you do!

Let’s get you ready for the big moment.

How to hold your bouquet when walking up the aisle on the way in!

With only one hand to hold the bouquet, position your arm in front of you so the bouquet is over your belly.  Now lower the bouquet so that your arm is slightly bent.  We don’t want a 90 degree bend.  That would result in your bouquet being held too high, and will also mean you are covering up your waistline, and hiding your dress detail too.

By holding your bouquet lower your waistline is revealed too and this is going to look so much better and most flattering in your wedding photos.

How to hold your bouquet when walking back down the aisle with your newly betrothed

Pretty similar to how you held it on the way in!  Of course you’re going to be feeling over the moon at this point and will probably forget this advice.  This is your moment of course but try not to have the bouquet waving around to the side of you!  If you like you could of course raise it to the air in joyous jubilation.

How to hold your bouquet in wedding photos

You’ll be noting a pattern here, and for most formal elegant wedding photographs we would suggest the same ‘low’ hold, but remember for these wedding photos to ensure a slight bend in your arms and also hold your arms just away from your body.  All of this gives the best definition of a waistline, no matter your size.  Always have a gap between your body and arms at the side.


how to hold wedding bouquet

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