How much should wedding photography cost

How much should wedding photography cost

One of the questions I see time and time again on Wedding related Facebook pages is “how much are you paying for your wedding photographer?” or “how much should I pay…”

Ultimately what YOU decide to pay comes down to how important these legacy photographs and the printed memories of your day are to you, but it’s a good idea to understand what is behind the cost of wedding photography. Enjoy the article.

Wedding photography can appear at first glance to be very expensive, and for what would seem to be ‘just a days work’, but let’s take a look and see what really goes in to making up the cost of wedding photography;

The Kiss at Wedding ceremony. Wedding Photos by Moore & Moore Photography, Hampshire

A Photographers time dedicated to your wedding photography

This is a very quick outline of the process and approximate hours spent by me working on your wedding photography from the moment you book and in the lead up to your wedding day

  • Initial Consultation      1.5 hours
  • Pre-Wedding / Engagement Shoot   2 hours
  • Editing of pre-wedding / engagement shoot photos         2-3 hours
  • Viewing Appointment for pre-wedding / engagement shoot     1 hour
  • Recce of ceremony & venue locations         2 hours minimum
  • Email communications and wedding details     2 hours
  • Putting together plan of photography for your day including consideration of your likes / dislikes        1 hours
  • Pre-Wedding meeting to go through the final details for your day     1.5 hours
  • Actual Wedding Day Coverage       10-12 hours
  • Editing of Wedding Images             5-6 hours
  • Wedding Viewing Appointment     2 hours
  • Creation and design of wedding album layout      3 hours
  • Additional edits to album                     2 hours
  • Final receipt of album, check all products         1 hour
  • Total number of hours spent on your wedding photography   =    40 hours  (a typical work week)

A Photographers Talent and Skill

Taking wedding photographs should not be taken lightly that someone that has a nice camera and can ‘take photos’. 

A wedding day is a fast and furious thing for photographers!  Whilst there are plans in place, it is highly likely schedules fall out of time, and your wedding photographer needs to have the skill and talent (not to mention the ability to say calm!) to deal with it.

Becoming a good, well rounded wedding photographer takes hundreds of hours of education and training, and no professional would enter the world of weddings without the skills necessary to cope with the day.  (Note…. If you talk with a photographer that says ‘blah’ to this… walk away.  NOW.

Talent ~ the creative vision for your wedding photographs

Skill ~ the knowledge and understanding of how to achieve the creative vision.

Bridal Portraits. Tylney Hall Wedding Photography by Moore & Moore Photography, Hampshire

Ability to stay calm and work under stressful, time important situations

There are key moments throughout a wedding day, some of the most noteable would be the first kiss, ring exchange, first dance, cake cut etc.,  I could go on.   NONE of these are repeatable.

I will say this again.  NONE OF THESE ARE REPEATABLE.  They are one moment in time.  As photographers we cannot miss these moments.  Are you going to chance your wedding photography?

Photography Training, in how to create beautiful photographs both in the camera and then how to edit them afterwards takes further commitment, time and monetary investment.  Photography is not a cheap career, or even hobby to pursue.

Wedding ceremony Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor

A Photographer’s Equipment

Anyone that enters the world of photography, even just for fun will soon realise it’s expensive to own decent equipment.

Your professional photographer will likely have upwards of £10,000 worth of equipment with them on the day, and I’m not trying hard when I think about the kit we will use for your wedding photography.

Professional equipment gives the professional wedding photographer the tools to create beautiful photographs even in extremely low light or difficult conditions.  Additionally, most pro level equipment is wet weather sealed so no excuses for your photographer not getting fabulous photographs in the rain on your wedding day!   If you don’t fancy being out in the rain that is of course, fine!

How much should wedding photography cost

So, now what do you think you’re paying for?

  • Someone who can take photos?

Or… What  you’re actually paying for

  • Someone who can create images that will meet your requirements and provide that personal special service to you that you deserve on the most romantic day of your life?

Plus :

  • Camera Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Computer Equipment
  • Imaging editing software
  • Hundreds of hours of education and training required to understand the art of photography, lighting, and how to use the equipment effectively
  • An assistant or second photographer to help carry and set-up the equipment
  • Data storage and back-ups
  • Transportation costs
  • Office rent and expenses
  • Promotion and website costs
  • Telephone and internet services
  • HMRC Taxes
  • Business insurances

Not to mention:

  • A living wage so the photographer can pay for food, housing and all other living expenses.

Still think that hiring a professional photographer is expensive?


So if you do decide to go with a cheap photographer and don’t consider the above, don’t be surprised when you get photos that you are disappointed with.

REMEMBER – This is one day, one moment.  You don’t get to repeat it.

Why is wedding photography so expensive

Book your Wedding Photography

Moore & Moore Photography work hard to ensure your Wedding Day Photography provides you with the most beautiful memories.

Your Wedding Photography is an ever-lasting memento from your Wedding Day.   The dress, the cake, the venue are all important elements, but at the end of the day, the cake is eaten, the flowers fade and die, and the guests go home.

The photographs are the memories you hold in your hand forever.

If you are interested to book your Wedding Photography with Moore & Moore Photography, please get in touch with Helen or Tony on 01252 653193.

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