List of must-have wedding shots without posing or feeling awkward

List of must-have wedding photographs without posing or feeling awkward

Your wedding day is a day in your life that you’ll want to remember forever – and you will!

Having a professional photographer photograph your day will help with that, capturing all the wonderful, emotive and beautiful elements of the day.

Before you get carried away and make a huge shot-list to give your photographer, relax in the knowledge they know what they’re doing.

This post is all about photos that you’ll actually be in (rather than venue, guests & detail shots – we have another post coming for that) and we want you to feel comfortable with, and not awkward.

A great morning shot of you with your bridesmaids

top-must-have-wedding-photos-bride-and-bridesmaids-in-the-morning- Wedding Photographer Hampshire

It’s fairly early in the day, and the girls are gathered and it’s time to have some fun!

Think ahead and plan for a different, exciting photo!  Get some mini chalkboards for your bridesmaids to pop a message on.  Sitting comfortably amongst your girlies will take the feeling of ‘pressure’ off you… so you can get in the swing of the photos.


Getting ready

top-must-have-wedding-photos-bride-and-bridesmaids-in-the-morning, Wedding Photographer Hampshire

If you have two photographers one can be with the bride and one with the groom to capture both of you getting ready which makes for a complete story when it comes to your wedding album.


The Bouquets

Bride holding bouquet. Wedding Photos by Moore & Moore Photography, Hampshire

Oh the beautiful flowers you have carefully thought about, chosen colour schemes and particular flowers for.  A wedding photo which is ‘about’ the flowers, means although you will strictly be posing,  you’ll feel relaxed in the knowledge that the photo is aiming at capturing the beauty of the flowers too.


Bride getting into her dress

Bride getting dressed. Wedding photography details Wedding Photographer Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey

Natural photos such as these capture the magic and excitement before the wedding ceremony.  Enjoy this precious moment with those special people around you.


Adding the final touches

Adding the final touches. Must have wedding photos. Wedding Photographer Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey

A spritz of your favourite perfume, and careful placement of earrings and jewellery make for beautiful candid photos that you’ll love.


Timeless Bridal Portraits


Looking your absolute best it’s time for your bridal portraits.  Relax and smile, happy in the knowledge you look amazing.


GQ style groomsmen portrait

Cool groomsmen photo. Farnham House Hotel Wedding Photography by Moore & Moore Photography, Fleet, Hampshire

Just like the bride with her bridesmaids, get the guys together for a stylish portrait before the ceremony.


Father of the Bride first look

Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor

Often very emotional for both the father of the bride and the bride herself.  It’s the proud moment when dad sees his little girl in her wedding dress.  It’s certainly a memorable moment.


Walking down the aisle

top-must-have-wedding-photos-bride-coming-up-the-aisle Wedding Photographer Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

This is a moment where a photo says it all. Since you will be so overwhelmed with emotion and nerves as you take your steps down the aisle, you’ll hardly remember what happened until you make it up the altar.


The ‘I Do’ moment

Exchanging wedding rings. Tylney Hall Wedding Photography by Moore & Moore Photography, Wedding Photographer Hampshire

During the ceremony, the expressions on your faces when you read your vows and say “I do” will be something you’ll want to look back on for forever.


The First Kiss


The iconic ‘must-have’ wedding photo, that will absolutely make it into the wedding album.


The boys and girls

top-must-have-wedding-photos-bridal-party-fun. Wedding Photographer Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey

Group photos of you both your groomsmen and bridesmaids.  Have a mix of photographs captured, some looking beautiful and serene, and then some fun ones ‘striking-a-pose’.  These nearly always make the album!


All the boys

top-must-have-wedding-photos-all the boys at the bar

Looking cool and dapper, photos of the groomsmen are must-haves.  Similar to the ladies, mix it up with cool GQ Style poses.


The sparkler send off

Sparklers - winter wedding. Bride and Groom Portraits. Wedding Photography at Beaumont House, Windsor

Perfect for any wedding, any time of the year!  Wait for your evening guests and set up a tunnel of sparklers, creating that beautiful fire like glow.



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