Capturing the perfect Wedding Day Confetti photo

Capturing the perfect Wedding Day Confetti photo

Oh the romance and thrill straight after you’ve said “I do” and come out to a beautiful line up of your wedding guests all ready to throw beautiful confetti over the two of you!

As Wedding Photographers we know there are times throughout a wedding day where smiles are their most relaxed and at their biggest!   And this is one of them!

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You need a lot of confetti

For the those confetti packed photos you’re dreaming of, you need A LOT of confetti to be thrown at the right time, and in the right place.  If this is a key wedding photograph in your mind then make sure you tell your wedding photographer in advance so the necessary planning can be made.   A long line of wedding guests for a confetti ‘arch’ is great, but the short bursts of just a handful of confetti can easily get lost in the photograph.

Better, to still do your archway line up of guests but have a specific section of guests to have a lot more confetti.

Insider photo tip : Better yet, give a handful or two of confetti to your photographers* for them to throw up in front of the camera so it gives a frame of confetti to shoot through.  *or get one of the groomsmen to help with this.


Making an impact with confetti – choosing a confetti cannon

One way to make sure you get loads of confetti in the picture is to get a confetti cannon!  They’ll provide the big impact for those traditionally gorgeous wedding photos as you leave the Church or Wedding Venue.

Word of caution : Choose the confetti for the cannon wisely.  Many look like cheap tick-a-tape or big bits of tissue, and not perhaps, your romantic image of wedding confetti petals falling all around you!

In our research for this article we came upon these guys – Shropshire Petals who not only provide a beautiful range of loose petal confetti’s but also offer a myriad of throwing options, from confetti pops, cones, throwers and gorgeous looking confetti cannons too!

You can choose your own mix for the cannon which we think is just great (feeling the need to have a wedding just to try them out!)

When you’ve finished reading this blog and browsing our website, go and check Shropshire Petals out at this link to find out more about their gorgeous range.

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Deciding on a Confetti Cannon?  Then be sure to follow this golden rule!

Get Permission from the wedding venue

Always speak to your wedding venue and obtain permission before using Confetti Cannons and tell them what part of your day you are wanting to use it, ie., it’s for outdoors straight after the wedding ceremony or you’re wanting something ‘big’ for the first dance.

Nowadays, many venues won’t allow confetti (of any sort) to be thrown indoors and most will insist on biodegradable options for outdoor use.

If a venue says no, respect that and work with them and your photographer to come up with other solutions and photo ideas.

Biodegradable Confetti Options

Nowadays, venues and churches that are happy for confetti use will still prefer that it’s biodegradable as it won’t harm the environment and no-one needs to clear it up!


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