Top Tips for a Summer Wedding

Top Tips for a Summer Wedding

The summer months of June, July and August are a popular time to get married. The days are longer, the temperature is warmer – and with any luck, the sun will be shining.

However, there are a few things to consider if you’re planning to get married in the summertime.

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Choose lightweight fabrics

You want to avoid feeling, and looking, hot and uncomfortable. Choose lightweight fabrics that will let your skin breath.

A flowing, silk wedding dress is perfect for the summer. You may also decide on a shorter skirt at this time of year rather than a full-length gown.

For the groom, a lightweight suit, maybe even linen, if the occasion isn’t too formal. Summer outdoor weddings are often more casual affairs, and it’s acceptable to go for a paler, beige suit rather than a darker colour.

Opt for natural make-up

For a fresh, summer look choose champagne, nude and pale pink tones.

If you’re going to be in the full glare of sunlight all day, you’ll want a natural, fresh look.

A good primer is fundamental to this as it will ensure your make-up stays in place all day.

Your skin should be matte with an added glow of highlighter and blusher. Soft pink eyeshadow and pale pink lip colour will complement this. Be careful of mascara overload as you don’t want it all down your face. Semi-permanent eyelashes can be useful if you’d like to avoid mascara altogether.

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Serve fresh summer produce

Think fresh local produce for your wedding breakfast. At this time of year, your guests won’t want to be laden down with a heavy meal. Instead, serve light dishes such as salads, cold meats, gazpacho, fresh vegetables, and grilled fish or chicken.

A buffet works well in the summer with wicker baskets of fresh breads, platters of cheeses and tables decorated with freshly cut flowers.

Desserts could include fruit tarts, slivers of cheesecake, ice creams or sorbets. Frozen cocktails will go down a treat – with ice pops for the children.

Serve chilled white or rosé wine rather than heavy reds. And make sure there’s plenty of cool water available to avoid guests becoming dehydrated.

Summer Wedding Weather – Plan for all eventualities in an outdoor ceremony

The beauty of a summer wedding is that you can take advantage of some stunning outdoor locations. They will provide a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos and make it an event to remember.

However, you do need to ensure the venue has a wet weather back-up plan, in case of torrential rain.  Most venues have this covered and you’ll most likely need to make a decision early in the day if you want to proceed with an outdoor ceremony or move everything indoors.  This is perhaps more important when considering to have a barn wedding or truly rural event (eg., marquee in a  field) where the wet weather options could be really limited!

And, if you’re blessed with brilliant sunshine, you’ll want to make sure there is a cool, shaded spot for children and elderly guests who may not feel comfortable in full sun for too long.  With weather in the UK being hugely unpredictable you may want to consider getting some nice white sun umbrellas.  We have been to weddings where normal rain umbrella’s of all colours were used and it does take away the feel of a summer wedding even if they are being used for shade.

Beautiful and elegant summer wedding parasols

For that added touch of elegance, why not indulge in some beautiful parasols for your summer wedding?  Many are now easily available and these are just two beauties we found online that are just so pretty!

Add a touch of beauty to your outdoor summer wedding

Beautiful lace parasols from Brollies Galore

Budget friendly, this is the Romantica Lace Umbrella – Ivory

Boutique Summer Wedding Parasol
No expense spared for this beautiful floral embroidery anglaise edged parasol

Beautiful lace parasols from Brollies Galore

The ‘Amelie with Milano Handle’. UVP Beige Embroidery Anglaise Parasol by Pierre Vaux

Schedule your photoshoot

To take full advantage of your outdoor summer wedding, it helps to plan a schedule for photographs.

Your photographer will already have checked out where the sun and shade will be at the time of the ceremony, and have plenty of ideas for the best locations for your wedding day portraits after the ceremony.  You’ll want to avoid harsh directional light in your photographs as these result in squinty eyes and unflattering light.

Evening can often provide the most flattering ‘golden’ light, so it’s worth making the extra time in your day for a few romantic outdoor shots.  Your photographer will be able to advise you on ideal lighting times in advance so they can capture the best shots.

Would you like to discuss photography ideas for your summer wedding?

To find out more about our personalised, boutique wedding photography service, contact Helen or Tony on 01252 653193.

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