How to handle group photographs on your wedding day

How to handle group photographs on your wedding day

Group photographs at weddings can quickly become chaotic if you aren’t organised in advance.  Here are some tips to making group photographs flow smoothly and run like a dream, rather than a nightmare.

Cool and trendy wedding day group pictures
Group photos aren't necessarily in the traditional format

Tip 1 : Have a set time frame for the group photos

Depending on your wedding and the type of group photos, we suggest aiming for a maximum of thirty minutes for the wedding group photographs.

A set time span is usually doable if everybody cooperates and sticks around right after the ceremony (see next tip!).  If they don’t, you’ll lose time tracking down Uncle Jim and Cousin Mary who have headed to the bar!

Tip 2 : Use your bridesmaids and groomsmen to help

We suggest that our bride and grooms nominate a groomsman, or two!! who can ensure the relevant people don’t run away!

Let them know you need them to do this job.  It’s an important one.  Don’t underestimate it.

Make sure your nominated groomsmen / bridesmaid knows who the people are and what they look like.

Tip 3 : Tell people they are going to be in the wedding group photos

It also works to let people know if they are going to be in the group photos ahead of time so they know to be ready for the group photographs.

This seems obvious, maybe, but most people don’t do this.

These days, it’s not unusual for couples to issue an ‘Order of the day’ to all their wedding guests, so include the wedding group photographs to it.

Now you have the group photos under control!

These tips are gold!

Use them and the group photos part of your day will run like clockwork.

Book your Wedding Photography

Moore & Moore Photography work hard to ensure your Wedding Day Group Pictures run smoothly, creating beautiful family memories that are worth the time and effort on your day.

Your Wedding Photography is an ever-lasting memento from your Wedding Day.   The dress, the cake, the venue are all important elements, but at the end of the day, the cake is eaten, the flowers fade and die, and the guests go home.

The photographs are the memories you hold in your hand forever.

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