The cutest bridesmaids – Why I love this wedding picture

The cutest bridesmaids – Why I love this wedding photograph

The first in a series of posts talking about some of our wedding photographs that just ‘speak’ about the moment they were captured.

With this one, I’m going to tell you the answer, but before you scroll on down, when do you think this moment was captured?

Does this picture tell you?   What do you see?


The story behind the photograph

This adorable bunch of young bridesmaids have done their Bride and their families proud.  They have beautifully and gracefully walked down the aisle with their flowers and posies.

They now wait patiently, expectantly and excitedly for their Bride.

THIS is what they are looking to see.  Peering over each other to see her.  Their beautiful bride.

I wonder what they are they thinking?

I love this photograph of the young bridesmaids, and can only imagine that they have probably been told to stand at the top of the aisle and wait for Stefanie.    They can’t help themselves but peer over each other to see her as her proud dad walks her up the aisle.   Their beautiful smiles, and their complete unawareness of the camera, make this photo wonderfully magical.

As wedding photographers we’re always on the look out to capture special moments like these, when no-one is aware and they are at their most natural.

This is why I love this picture and I hope you do too.

Book your Wedding Photography

Your Wedding Photography is an ever-lasting memento from your Wedding Day.   The dress, the cake, the venue are all important elements, but at the end of the day, the cake is eaten, the flowers fade and die, and the guests go home.

The photographs are the memories you hold in your hand forever.

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